Jean Royère floor lamp model 'Millepatte'

exceptional and rare red floor lamp model 'Millepatte'

Height: 77.95" Diam: 30.71"

Serge Roche pair of mirrored stools

Pair of mirrored stools newly covered in pale pink silk;

Jean Royère model " Tour Eiffel " wrought iron floor lamp

Exceptional and rare Tour Eiffel wrought iron floor lamp 

Diam: 27.56" Height: 5ft.9"

JEAN ROYERE Lounge chairs model'Yo-Yo'

pair of documented black wrought iron lounge chairs model'Yo-Yo'


Jean Royère Set model 'Ambassador'

Documented salon model 'Ambassador' with one couch and two chair.


André HAYAT Mirror model 'Los Angeles'

Model 'Los Angeles' Large contemporary mirror bubble with engraved feather  

Jean Royère Croisillon armchairs

Pair of Croisillon armchairs in painted red lacquered wrought Iron newly covered in green Empire mohair velvet. 

André HAYAT Mirror model 'Minneapolis'

Model 'Minneapolis' mirror silver bronze edge, frame in oxidized mirror  

Jean Royère Pair big model "oeuf" chairs

Documented pair of big model "oeuf" chairs in wool faux fur      

André Hayat Mirror model 'Las Vegas'

Model 'Las Vegas' contemporary triangle pyramid rock crystal mirror with gold bronze frame and hanging ring

André Hayat Mirror model 'Philadelphie'


Model 'Philadelphie' Contemporary square rock crystal mirror with gold bronze frame and hanging ring  

GALERIE ANDRÉ HAYAT specialises since 1990 in best curated xxth designers and holds the biggest inventory in Paris left bank district but also in his 2 big show rooms opened only on appointment by the Paris flea market