Mithé ESPELT 1960s Gilded Ceramic Mirror (not Lembo)


Mithé ESPELT 1960s Gilded Ceramic Mirror (not Lembo)
Elegant Halo Mirror
This opulent mirror consists entirely of Mithé’s luxurious gold crackle. As a whole, the piece resembles a classical wedding ring or a golden halo and draws in the viewer. Complete with a protective felt backing this mirror delights the eye and adds a touch of opulence to its surroundings.
We are proud to offer a small number of hard to find pieces by acclaimed French avant-garde ceramicist Mithé Espelt (born 1923) issued from a prestigious private collection. These previously unseen and highly collectable chests and mirrors all featuring her signature gold crackle and are considered works of art. Her opulent objects have long been misattributed to Vallauris ceramicist François Lembo as she chose not to sign them. However, her work has been the subject of significant attention recently thanks to Antoine Candau’s book, “Mithé Espelt, the discreet luxury of the everyday,” which reveals their artistic significance and is rapidly becoming a mandatory guide to mid-century French ceramics.

21 cm ( 8.27")
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